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10/23/15 08:40 AM #1051    


Mike Wesley


give me a call when you get into town.  806-577-8898.

10/26/15 12:56 AM #1052    


Randy Stephens

Hello classiers and classetts!!!

Samuil - Book 1 The Distant Lands will be available on 11/2/15 at Amazon. That's a week from Monday. It will be a paperback and an E-book for the unbelievable low price of $9.99. That's a steal I don't care who you  are!!! So get it while it's hot. I hate reading cold books, don't you.   



10/26/15 04:55 PM #1053    

Gay Roland (Jarvis)

Totally awesome!  Looking forward to reading it.

11/01/15 10:09 PM #1054    


Randy Stephens

I'm very sorry, but due to unexpected circumstances I will not be able to meet my deadline of 11/2 for the publication of Samuil Book 1 The Distant Lands. The new publication date will be Monday 11/9. Again I apologize for disappointing you my friends.


11/02/15 02:02 AM #1055    


Randy Stephens

Good news. I have set up a presale on Amazon for Samuil Book 1 The Distant Lands. It will be available tomorrow 11/2 around 2:00pm. So you can purchase the book tomorrow and Amazon will get your e-book Samuil to you Monday 11/9 when we publish.

Thanks for your support and understanding.


11/17/15 12:25 PM #1056    


Randy Stephens


The e-book is still on pre-sale. It will go live in two days 11/19. If you pre ordered it will be uploaded to your devices by Amazon.

I'm working on getting the printed version up and going. Amazon has changed the way they do the paperbacks. Hopefully in a few days I'll have jumped through all Amazon's hoops. To pre-buy or after 11/19 purchase the e-book, go to Amazon wright Randall Stephens in the search and it'll take you to the book.

Happy reading!!!!!



12/20/15 08:56 PM #1057    

Lonnie Treadway

Holiday Greetings to all!

As the holiday season fast approaches I hope everyone is happy wealthy and well.  I look back over the past year and realize how lucky I am.  I have felt for years that I am the luckiest person in the world!!!!  To all of you have a wonderful holiday season!!!

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year

Lonnie and Ramona Treadway

12/21/15 04:04 PM #1058    


Mike Wesley

You are lucky Treadway.  You know me!  Thanks for coming down.  It was a nice visit with an old friend.

Hope all have a great Christmas!  Spend a few minutes thinking of those cold Christmas season nights on dip street.  It was a good time spent with good people.

Maybe some we never hear from will get a new computer and come back to the forum.

01/09/16 08:46 AM #1059    


Randy Stephens

Hello classers.

Hooray! THE PAPERBACK WILL BE OUT IN 3 DAYS. Yes finally! We kicked the bugs out of Amazon! Boom!

1. Now you can get Samuil as an Ebook for your kindle at Amazon.

2. You can get Samuil as an Ebook for your other tablets at Create Space in Amazon.


Here's what I thought we could do.

This July at the Tulia Picnic I'll make arrangements for all my rowdy Texas panhandle friends (and others) to gather and we'll have us an old fashion book singing. What a great excuse for us to gather in Tulia and see each other again.

If you like this idea, let me know and I'll start preps. If you have another idea or additional input, let me know. Contact here or Email ( or text message, or phone call - 256-648-9587. For now, Stay warm my friends. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

01/14/16 01:11 PM #1060    


Randy Stephens

Hello classers.

What ya been anxiously waiting for, you can now have in hand. Yes! THE PAPERBACK IS AVAILABLE! So stop chewing your nails and get yours before they sale out! Or not since they print them on demand. Oh well, then demand yours. Yes stand up and demand like when you were a kid determined to have that chocolate in the grocery store. But hurry, get yours before the panhandle blizzard. Cause the apocalypse is right behind the snow. After that they stop printing them for sure.

Still planing on being in Tulia for picnic to have a book singing. More detail on that later. Buy a book or I'll have to sign your hand.


Keep it real. or not.

Go to Amazon and find Samuil Book 1 The Distant Lands. Paperback or Ebook.  Hurry they're waiting!!!


08/07/17 08:12 PM #1061    


Kay Lee (Culwell)

Those of you who did not know Alan Dutton passed away in his sleep this last Saturday. Services will be this coming Saturday August 12th at 4 p.m. at the Tulia Church of Christ. Please keep Terry, Dallana, and Robin in your prayers.

08/08/17 03:33 PM #1062    


Mike Wesley

Thanks Kay,

Alan was a good guy.  Rip.

08/08/17 03:40 PM #1063    

Randy Jordan

My deepest sympathies to the family of Alan Dutton. Go with God.

Randy Jordan

08/08/17 10:34 PM #1064    


Perry Hall

Alan was a friend and a man of strong character.  He will be missed by all who know and love him.


09/21/17 10:28 PM #1065    


Steve Raymond

We lost another classmate today, Danny Glasscock. He was a good guy,  I'm sad to see him pass.

09/25/17 09:12 AM #1066    


Mike Wesley

Danny was a good friend all the way through school.  I did not even know he was gone.  Wish I had kept better in touch.  RIP Danny.  You were one of the good guys.

09/25/17 10:59 PM #1067    


Celinda (Cindi) Ward (Hanna)

I'm sad to report the passing of another classmate. Jean Burnett died 9/23. Prayers and condolences to her family and friends. 

09/26/17 03:43 PM #1068    


Mike Wesley

Jean worked at the nursing home both my parents were in.  She sang at my mothers funeral.  My father passed while Jean was sick.  Both were very fond of Jean.  

Wish I had known her better.  A really fine person.  RIP Jean.  Another addition to the choir.


01/23/18 09:51 AM #1069    


Steve Raymond

Jackie Gilleland passed away last week. He was 65 and had retired to Haskel after working as a crane operator most of his life. 

03/23/18 08:23 PM #1070    


Perry Hall

Does anyone know how to get ahold of Jerry Dickens?


Perry Hall

03/23/18 08:52 PM #1071    


Celinda (Cindi) Ward (Hanna)

Perry: Marsha is on Facebook. I’ll send her a PM to email you.  

10/31/18 10:39 AM #1072    


Steve Raymond

We lost another classmate. Ralph Ellerd passed away October 29th in Amarillo. Services will be next Monday at the FBC in Tulia.

01/21/19 04:19 PM #1073    


Celinda (Cindi) Ward (Hanna)

Lloyd: I always post this info in “Recent Passings” on this site and update the “In Memorium” page. I think the site sends an auto email message at the time of an update so that everyone is notified. I posted this info the day after Gary passed (just so you know I keep on top of it as soon as I get word of a classmate’s death). We have certainly lost a lot of our class members!

09/24/19 04:31 PM #1074    


Debbie Cox (Johnson)

Hey fellow golden oldies. I have a question. Have you had knee replacement?  If so, what do you think about it and do you recommend having it done. Looking at it soon. Thanks. 

09/24/19 07:05 PM #1075    

Claudette Laramore (Mierzwik)

Debbie I had total knee replacement in 2016. I was bone on bone & wearing bone away. Good decision for me. My sister-in-law just had it don Sept 9 & doing fantastic. It’s hard & painful rehab but you can make it. 

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