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07/07/15 06:05 PM #1032    

Lonnie Treadway

Grettings to all.  Some of you are wondering why my retirement was not what I wanted  to do.  Well I did not have much of a choice.  To answer everyone's questions here goes.  On Noverber 1st 2013 I took off work to have surgey on my  back.  However during the pre admit they informed me I had a problem.  On 11/23/13 they did 5 bypasses on my heart, ,oh by the way "You have lung cancer.".  In February 2014 they removed the lower lobe of my right lung.  April 2014 they finally did the back surgey .  However while I was recovering it became evident that I was not healing the way I should.  After the MRI they fusied the lower part of my back in August 2014. I was off work for 19 months before I used up all of my vac, sick, holiday, comp, and accrued overtime. In February 2015 I went on leave without pay.  Without an income I was forced to retire.

I currently go to physical therapy 3days week and cardio rehab 2 days a week. Due to nerve damage in my back I drop my right foot when I walk.  However I am improving a may be able to return to work in a few months.  I did not plan to spend 5days a week in a gym.  I am healing well a everyone can not believe I have been through all this and be in this good of condition.  

I'm looking forward too seeing everyone at the reunion.

07/09/15 11:48 AM #1033    


Randy Stephens

Hey Tredway,

Wow, sounds like you're lucky to be alive and kicking after all that. Maybe your not kicking too high but you're still kicking. However, I ain't worried because I've know you're tough.

It was a Jr. High football game. We were 7th graders and in a heated game. I don't remember where or who we were playing. You were left tackle and had always knocked holes in the defensive line big enough for me and a freight train to run through. This game, however, you were having trouble with the defensive tackle and the holes weren't there.

Coach Lance call me to the sideline and ask what was wrong and why wasn't I busting through the line. I didn't want to say anything so I just shrugged. You remember Coach, he was a bulldog that wouldn't let go. Finally he said, "If you don't tell me what's happening out there you can sit on the bench for the rest of the game." Sorry Lonnie, but I loved the game so I told coach, Tredway's getting stuffed in the hole. Coach looked at me and said "run up Treadways back." Surprised I just looked at coach. He continued. "Tell Dickens to run a dive left and you run up Treadway's back. Again I stared at Coach. I guess he saw the 'I don't want to do that' look on my face because he said, "it's a wake up call Stephens." We ran the play and I did what Coach told me.

In the huddle you stared at me, but said nothing. Couple plays later Dickens call dive left again and the fright train hole was back.

Tredway, sounds you just had another wake up call. Coach is calling a dive left and it time for the left tackle to knuckle down. I know you can and I know you will. Give um hell Tredway.




07/16/15 01:25 PM #1034    


Lloyd Singer

Hello everyone!  I have a quick message for all of you planning to attend...


The cafe formerly known as 'Dorothy's', is now called

                      "JACK'S "

It is now owned and operated  by Brian Ballenger, son of the late Jack Ballenger.  It is on US 86 across the street north of the Swisher Memorial Building and behind the old City Drug Store.   The menu will be limited to burgers and fried foods.  Fresh salad will be available.  BYOB


Jodi White will be there at 7:30 to make group photos with copies for sale.

See you there! smiley          

07/17/15 06:05 PM #1035    


Mike Wesley

Treadway, really sorry to see you in such a way.  Boy Scouts, football, and just hanging around.  Hope the best for you.  Randy think that was the Dimmit game.  Dickens fell over someone's feet several times that game.  Jesse Ramos fell over him.  7th grade seems not so long ago just far away.  I hope everone has a real nice time at the birthday party.  Sorry I could not be there.  You guys are the best.

07/20/15 03:50 AM #1036    


Connie Lee (Ash)

Thanks Cindi and Lloyd for arranging the reunion, I had a great time, glad that I came. I'm already looking forward to 2020, we must have a float then.  (Be sure to have a couple of ladders though)  And, we need to tell the photographer that in 2020, no one get on the floor!  He'll need to come up with something else!  We're just too young for that!   Anyway, I had a great time, thanks.

07/22/15 11:19 AM #1037    


Randy Stephens

Hey classers,

Hey, hey, hey. I had a great time both at our reunion and at El Camino's Sunday. All of you are a great bunch of people. Makes me proud I move to Tulia for my higher education.

Got home last night. Stopped in Duncan OK. to see my aunty. She is the last one of Dad's siblings still alive. While there, we talked ancestry and visited the graves of my relatives. Here's one for ya.

My mom told me when I was young, that the Stephens' lived in the south. One brother was a black sheep and left to go west. Now, here's the rest of the story I discovered while in Duncan.

My great, great grandpa was George Arastus Stephens. He was born around 1870. They called his Rat. The family lived in the south. When Rat was 5 years, he ran away from home because he didn't like his step mother. He met a black slave, and live with him for 13 years. At age 18, Rat went west to Texas on a black horse. For the next 10 years he rode in the cattle drives on the Chisolm Trail, and another trail drive I can't remember. Later he became a marshall and lived in Bowie Texas. Mom told me long ago, that Rat was chasing an out law and upon finding him a fight ensued. The outlaw sliced open Rat's stomach. Rat pushed his guts back into place and held them in with one hand while beating the hell out of the outlaw with the other. Now you know why I'm so damn ornery.

I've got to find out who his father was, who my relatives down here are, and where they lived in the south.  





07/23/15 06:53 PM #1038    

Claudette Laramore (Mierzwik)

Hi, it was so nice to see everyone at the reunion.  Just want to thank Cindi and Lloyd for all the hard work you put into the event; also to Jack's for opening their cafe for us and taking such good care of us that night.  Hope everyone made it back to their homes safely.  I had forgotten how nice the cool nights are in the Panhandle...had to come back to hot and humid.

08/20/15 12:22 PM #1039    


Celinda (Cindi) Ward (Hanna)

Another great reunion! Thanks to all who attended.  I apologize for the delay in posting photos. I have been a little pre-occupied since returning to California.  I am returning to Texas tomorrow to bid a fond farewell to my oldest brother, Jack, who recently died after a long battle with lung cancer.  When I get back home I will pick up the photos (they will be dropped off today for developing) and start work on a presentation to post here.  Remember to clear your calendar for the 3rd Saturday in July of 2020 for our 50th reunion!  Hope you are all enjoying good health and much happiness!


08/21/15 08:48 AM #1040    


Katrina Donnell (Kimble)

Cindi,  so sorry to hear of Jack's passing.  I know you must be heartbroken.  It's hard to give up our beloved family members.  My prayers are with you and your family!! 

Thank you Cindi and Lloyd for your time and effort in putting the reunion together once again .  It was so good to see out classmates that attended and missed those who could not attend.  Looking forward to 2020--stay positive--we are all like fine wine-- getting better every year!!

08/21/15 05:41 PM #1041    


Randy Stephens


Sorry to hear about Jack. I think I remember you and he were close. It's never easy to lose some one close. Hell it never easy to loose some close or not. My heart goes out to you and be assured your in my prayers. I know it doesn't help much now but you'll always have Jack in your memories. Hold on to those memories, lift them high, and smile when you think of him.

Stay brave darling.


08/26/15 07:17 PM #1042    

Lonnie Treadway

Cindi, sorry to hear about Jack.  Several years ago I attended a TDCJ training session with Jack's son.  A really good guy.  Your family is in our prayers. 

A big thank you to Cindi and Loyd for another gteat reunion.  Enjored seeing everyone who was there and missed those who were not able to attend.  I am looking forward to 2020.  However I feel guilty that I have not keep closer ties with some of you.  Till next time


08/30/15 06:53 PM #1043    

Jo Hickman (Briley)

Cindi, so sorry to hear about your brother, Jack.  You and the ther Ward "kids" were a large part of my Tulia family. Thanks to you and Lloyd and everyone who attended for a great reunion!

09/01/15 07:49 PM #1044    

Claudette Laramore (Mierzwik)

Cindi, really sorry to hear about your brother. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Well I'm getting ready to make another trip to Amarillo...had to put my 92 year old mom in a nursing home in August.  She had fallen the first of August and broke her leg and wrist and while she was in the hospital recovering she decided she needed to go somewhere that could take care of her.  Us kids are very thankful that she made that decision on her own and we didn't get to the point where we had to make the decision for her.

Folks we made it through the summer months and headed into one my favorite times of the year...FALL.  I will soon be making my annual trip to the Ozarks to enjoy the fall foilage. 


09/12/15 03:28 PM #1045    

Denice Rossi (Gerber)


I was sorry to hear about Jack's passing.  I know we are all headed for our eternal home in the not to distant future.

How is Danny doing?

I'm also sad I did not get to attend the class reunion. Weekends are so busy in the summer.

I will try to make it to the 50th reunion.


09/25/15 07:43 PM #1046    


Randy Stephens

Hi classers,

                                                Update time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I suppose

First of all I'VE FINISHED BOOK ONE!!!!! Thank you for the applause. Please, please let me continue. Sunday I'm meeting with my grammarian to hammer out syntax and punctuation. So that means, sometime in October the book will be in publication for you to enjoy. I will keep you posted.

I suppose this is a matter of timing. Or not. Maybe it's fate. Or not. I like to think it's THE WILL OF THE GODS! Or not. Maybe I'm just lucky. I've been mostly lucky except for Vagus. For me it's probably just luck, but I'll take luck any day. Especially now, seeing how my new job (the one I started in April) will be ending 11/1. I think I hold the world record for number of jobs in a lifetime. It's just that every boss I worked for is a dum ass. Oh well I didn't like the damn job anyway. Maybe the book will sell and I'll be my own boss. Hell, I'm the best boss I know!  I'll just write books and boss myself. What ya think about that?????

Later dudes and dudetts



09/26/15 03:14 PM #1047    

Gay Roland (Jarvis)

Congratulations on the book being done.  I quite agree with you about most bosses being dumb asses.  That's why I got fired from my last job.  Probably the best thing that happened to me though, because I retired and don't have to deal with bosses anymore.

09/30/15 10:56 PM #1048    


Randy Stephens

Hey Gay,

Sorry it took me so long to respond to your message. No excuse for being too busy to chat with a friend and school mate.

Congrats on retiring girl. Hope it fits you. At the least you won't have deal with the dumb ass bosses. Your free to do what you want. I want to be free to do entirely what I want. And that is writing. I guess I'll find out in October when I publish. Hopefully, it will generate enough income so I can quit work, write, and travel. That would be cool.  



Give em hell classmates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10/01/15 04:53 PM #1049    

Gay Roland (Jarvis)

Hope to see your name on the top ten best seller lists very soon.  Keep at it.

10/09/15 10:09 AM #1050    


Randy Stephens

Hey Gay

Thanks girl. That would be great. At the least I need Samuil to replace my current salary, so I can continue to write.  

My old job has kept me out of town the last two weeks. But I'm back. Good to be home. It's the best place I know. This job ends the first of the year, so I hope Samuil will generate enough sales I won't have to take another job. I've been offered three jobs so far but I diplomatically put them off. I won't have to make a decide till after the first of the year. 

I know money can't buy everything



Keep on keeping on Mates and Matties





10/23/15 08:40 AM #1051    


Mike Wesley


give me a call when you get into town.  806-577-8898.

10/26/15 12:56 AM #1052    


Randy Stephens

Hello classiers and classetts!!!

Samuil - Book 1 The Distant Lands will be available on 11/2/15 at Amazon. That's a week from Monday. It will be a paperback and an E-book for the unbelievable low price of $9.99. That's a steal I don't care who you  are!!! So get it while it's hot. I hate reading cold books, don't you.   



10/26/15 04:55 PM #1053    

Gay Roland (Jarvis)

Totally awesome!  Looking forward to reading it.

11/01/15 10:09 PM #1054    


Randy Stephens

I'm very sorry, but due to unexpected circumstances I will not be able to meet my deadline of 11/2 for the publication of Samuil Book 1 The Distant Lands. The new publication date will be Monday 11/9. Again I apologize for disappointing you my friends.


11/02/15 02:02 AM #1055    


Randy Stephens

Good news. I have set up a presale on Amazon for Samuil Book 1 The Distant Lands. It will be available tomorrow 11/2 around 2:00pm. So you can purchase the book tomorrow and Amazon will get your e-book Samuil to you Monday 11/9 when we publish.

Thanks for your support and understanding.


11/17/15 12:25 PM #1056    


Randy Stephens


The e-book is still on pre-sale. It will go live in two days 11/19. If you pre ordered it will be uploaded to your devices by Amazon.

I'm working on getting the printed version up and going. Amazon has changed the way they do the paperbacks. Hopefully in a few days I'll have jumped through all Amazon's hoops. To pre-buy or after 11/19 purchase the e-book, go to Amazon wright Randall Stephens in the search and it'll take you to the book.

Happy reading!!!!!



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