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Larry Wells

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08/28/10 01:12 PM #1    

Lloyd Singer

Sent: Saturday, August 28, 2010 10:55 AM

Subject: Larry S. Wells
Please forward this to anyone that you think would want to know.
Daryl Tucker 

From: lucas wells
Date: August 27, 2010 8:29:08 PM CDT
Subject: Larry S. Wells
Family, Friends, and Whom It May Concern:

Larry S. Wells, the biological father to both myself, Luc Wells and my brother Seth Wells, was found dead on Monday August 23, 2010 in Lubbock, Texas.   

I believe that no man, including myself, is perfect, and everyone has their own row to hoe.  The path is easier for some and harder for others, but ultimately it is a man’s own actions for which he must be held accountable.    

There will be no funeral or memorial service of my family’s doing.  I have made arrangements for the body to be cremated and returned to me.  As a matter of record, I have made these arrangements solely because, as a man responsible for my actions and inactions, I do not wish to further burden the tax payers of Texas, friends, and family on my own family’s behalf. 

    In an effort to help some of people in this country and the world that truly need it,  I would urge anyone who is at all inclined to send condolences or memorials, to do so in the form of a donation to one or both of the below listed charity organizations:

MD Anderson Cancer Center-

My family and I both whole heartily support the work of both of these groups.   My wife and I lost her father to cancer this year after much aid and life giving time was made possible by the work at MD Anderson, and I have many friends and fellow Marines who were wounded in the service of this country who were unspeakably helped by the folks at the Fischer House.  Also, as you may or may not be aware, my brother, Seth is currently in the service of this country in the United States Navy.   Harm’s way is never far away for him and his fellow Sailors, and no one knows what awaits any of us around the next bend.


08/28/10 02:13 PM #2    

Connie Lee (Ash)

 My memories of Larry are good ones, and I am thankful for that.  As a classmate and friend he was a winner.  I am saddened and very sorry that he had a hard time  and that he wasn't able to finish mending the fences he was working on.

As a classmate I know he was well liked and loved and appreciated.  I will miss him.

09/01/10 03:52 PM #3    

Delia Cooper (Gray)

I am sorry there is no service for Larry! I believe forgiveness is for one's self and I will pray for Larry's family and any person not able to forgive any wrongs Larry did in his life. Remember.......   " It is only in forgiveness that we are forgiven. "

We all do things we are sorry for later.  Some people have mental illness and can not always control their actions. I have learned we need to forgive all things. I have a sister who seems to cause harm and burden, to who ever is around her. I believe she knows better, she just doesn't seem to be able to control her behavior. I tell my niece, to remember that it's not her mother, it's the illness that always disapoints and hurts us. I have other members of my family that have problems. I don't believe any person can say their family is perfect.

I believe Larry, like so many others, suffered from such mental disabilities. Please try to let God be the Judge in all things. That is my prayer to his family and any person Larry may have disapointed in this world. I believe Larry is with the angles and God, in a much better place.

 I know if we all look at our family and friends, we can all say there is someone with  problems we just don't understand.  May God keep us all safe and forgive us all!  Delia (Cooper)

09/28/10 06:14 PM #4    

Randy Stephens


It's been a while but I have chills right now writing this. You were a friend always. Sometimes we were close and sometimes we were friends at a distance, but we were always friends. My Mom remembers you and your family fondly and so do I.

I'm sorry I missed that beer with you in Lubbock man. I got busy with my in-laws and just ran out of time. My bad. I will always feel bad about that. I think about all the bull we could have talked about. Oh well, we'll talk again someday friend.

If I could I would kick both your son's ass for you for the heartless shit one wrote and the silence of the other after your death. That's just not right. You deserve better than that, so much more than that and i don't care what you did or didn't do. Thank you for coming to the reunion so I could see and talk to you. We just didn't have enough time did we. 

Someday we'll be together again and we'll catch up friend. Till them friend.


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