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06/23/20 10:01 AM #1080    

Kathie Chandler (Freeman)

First of all, thank you Cindi, for always being the one to organize our reunions!!!  

My opinion is that it would be best to wait until next year considering all the circumstances with COVID 19.  And I like the idea that we will celebrate our 70th  birthdays at the same time!  Wow 😳.  We just can’t be that old!!!!  😳😂😳
Thanks again for keeping us connected!
     Tulia High School
Class Of 1970



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06/23/20 01:47 PM #1081    


Celinda (Cindi) Ward (Hanna)

It does appear an overwhelming majority of votes are for postponement. I will email the poll results in the next couple of days to give all a chance to weigh in on the issue. Thanks for all the input. C

02/07/21 09:04 AM #1082    


Steve Raymond

02/07/21 09:05 AM #1083    


Steve Raymond

02/08/21 11:36 AM #1084    


Steve Raymond

02/08/21 01:13 PM #1085    

Jimmy Kiker

According to my mother my grandfather clevenger planted that tree in this photo

02/08/21 07:47 PM #1086    


Steve Raymond

That's a gnarly old tree for sure.

06/09/21 12:42 AM #1087    


Celinda (Cindi) Ward (Hanna)

50th Reunion Info:

7/17/2021 @ 7:00pm Tulia VFW. BYOB, ice, setups and food/snacks. See you there. 

06/09/21 09:45 AM #1088    

Gay Roland (Jarvis)

Looking forward to seeing everyone on July 17th. My first trip in 22 months and can't think of a better destination.

07/18/21 03:04 PM #1089    


Perry Hall

To Cyndi and all that helped the our 50th/51st Class reunion.  Great job!  Thank you for putting this together.  It was great to see old friends again.


07/21/21 02:44 PM #1090    

Rita Stark (Estes)

So enjoyed seeing everyone Saturday evening at the (50th Reunion).  Wished those who missed could of been there.  Thanks Cindi and Lloyd for all you do to keep the class reunions going!

09/23/21 02:55 AM #1091    


Celinda (Cindi) Ward (Hanna)

As Administrator of this site I have deleted some recent posts, one of which was my own. I broke my own rule about posting and apologize. Any controversial or argumentative posts will be removed immediately. There are a number of other forums out there where you can express your opinion freely. This site is for upbeat, amusing, and positive messages only. I've asked in the past that it not be used to report deaths or sad news. We get enough of that every day by turning on the news. Thank you for your cooperation.  


09/23/21 08:43 AM #1092    


Debbie Cox (Johnson)

Cindi, I appreciate you letting us know of those "class family" that have passed. So sad we have lost so many. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy's family. Appreciate you so much for maintaining this site. 

09/23/21 02:46 PM #1093    


Steve Raymond

Cindi, I kind of liked that one where Jerry called me smart. smiley

09/23/21 03:35 PM #1094    

Jerry Dickens

I've thought you are smart for many years!

09/23/21 04:10 PM #1095    


Celinda (Cindi) Ward (Hanna)

Steve, the original post by Jerry looked kind of random after the others were deleted. He re-stated his support for your intellect so it's all good. 🤪 

09/23/21 05:13 PM #1096    


Steve Raymond

Thanks, I'm standing here in my driveway with a stupid grin on my face now.

09/16/22 03:17 PM #1097    


Steve Raymond

09/17/22 02:05 PM #1098    


Steve Raymond

09/18/22 10:05 PM #1099    


Steve Raymond

01/05/23 08:34 AM #1100    


Steve Raymond

Remember coach Howell from junior high? He passed away January 3rd, just two weeks shy of 109 years old! At 103 he made headlines locally when he zip-lined across Palo Duro canyon. Well done coach, well done indeed.

03/20/23 02:59 PM #1101    


Steve Raymond

Dick Starnes passed away Sunday, March 19.

03/20/23 04:22 PM #1102    


Celinda (Cindi) Ward (Hanna)

Thank you for the notification, Steve. I'm sorry to hear about Dick's passing. I have added him to our "In Memory" page. 

10/08/23 09:32 PM #1103    


Steve Raymond

We lost another classmate. Debbie McCoy Johnson passed away September 21.

07/07/24 06:21 PM #1104    


Perry Hall


I tried a few weeks of retirement and did not much care for it. 

I need to be busy so I went back to work as a program analyst and program coordinator for a medical company.  I don't manage anyone and report to the owner, CFO, and CEO.  I build programs for them and go home.  No phone calls from staff or having to handle situations.  Great to be somewhat retired after managing people for over 35 years.  Maybe I will retire before I am 80.  

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