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Melanie Butler

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08/09/10 08:34 PM #1    

Randy Stephens


You were always so sweet and so nice to me. I have fond memories of our momentary encounters in class and in the halls of JHS and HS. Your smile still lights up the skies, your laughter still echoes through the THS halls of my mind. I'll miss you girl but I'll see you again. Later.

"When I Die And They Lay Me To Rest I'm Going To Go To The Place After Death."

Love ya.


08/09/10 10:34 PM #2    

Connie Lee (Ash)

I remember Melanie as a quiter person, who loved thespians, and was always nice to everyone.  We were never close, but I liked her and her talent and what I saw of her personality.

I truly wish she wasn't gone, just too young.

08/10/10 09:13 PM #3    

Lloyd Singer

     Four Thespians...   all special and greatly missed.

          Four of the individuals who made our class such a great group of friends.

08/11/10 09:58 PM #4    

J. K. Milam

Such a shame. A truly sweet and talented person. Vaya con Dios.

08/12/10 09:50 PM #5    

Jan Minchew (Sparks)

Melanie Butler - As I knew her & strictly my impressions



A very early memory of Melanie took place in Tulia Junior High.  She and Joe Raymond were blue in the face from laughing over something.  Joe had decided to shave his head and Mel agreed that it would be an excellent, fun and attention-getting prank.  Would he get in trouble?  Yes, probably, but who cares!?  I was amazed at their courage.  We autographed his head and congratulated him for a job well done.

High School followed and the pranks and laughs continued.  Mel was serious about music and theater - in no way were they considered "blow-off" activities.  I believe she suffered more "teenage angst" than her share.  Her Dad suffered from MS and Mom Ginger was a little overprotective.

Though we shared a college dorm room, furnishings, clothes and transportation (she drew the line with her Erno Lazlo face soap!) - she was a closed book when it came to feelings.  My efforts to talk or console were brushed aside.  I believe she wanted and needed the kindness, but did not know how to accept it.

I still have the Bible she gave to me prior to my wedding service in Lubbock.  She protested my elopement, but truly liked and admired my future husband, Sparky.  She stood beside me at the alter and wished me well.

See you later Melanie Butler!

"Seek the lofty by reading, hearing and seeing great work at some moment every Day"

- Thornton Wilder


08/14/10 03:03 PM #6    

Larry Wells

Melanie was I believe,an individual talent we may never really understand...she was aloof and understated ,yet very vibrant in the light of our own conformity. I do not believe in a judgemental God... I truly believe that the biblical stories were designed by man to coerce their fellows into obeying the interpretations of scripture proposed by those in authority. Thus I believe now that sweet Melanie is in the arms of the Angels...I surely pray that she finds some comfort there!!!

08/18/10 04:15 PM #7    

Delia Cooper (Gray)

Melanie was a good friend to a few chosen and  to all who took the time to see her.  I enjoyed many memories of Melanie. I was at  the Party she had before 6th/7th grade?? She had the first Beatles record, I want to hold your hand!! Anyone else remember that Party??? Jay Hon  walked me home and I learned what a real kiss was all about.  ( He moved that week or something??)

Melanie was always laughing. I had alot of fun times with Melanie, my freshman year during band "Marching"practice!! 

Melanie was at the 20th reunion, I remember laughing and talking to her. She always laughed at my clothes!!! It was a joke about a few of my dresses! She was really giving me a complement. That is how I remember Melanie, always laughing and making a joke, but really being sweet in her own way.  I felt very sad when I learned of her death. I believe a person is not in their right mind and God alone can judge. I believe Melanie is in the arms of the Angels, and a much better place if she could not stay here any longer. Love and life is what we all would have wished for her.

Thanks for all your time and postings Lloyd! All the friends from our class that are no longer with us are missed. I remembered our 1st Johnny in 1966. I road the bus with him.

Enough! I am getting depressed!  Love to all , Delia

08/22/10 03:25 PM #8    

Lloyd Singer

Melanie Butler
Butler, Melanie
 Passed away Saturday, Aug. 7,2010 in Dallas. Born in Amarillo, TX, Graduated from Tulia. High Sch-ool. Received BSE from Texas Tech and Master's Degree from UNT. Melanie taught English at Crockett M.S. in Irving 33 yrs. Survived by mother Virginia Butler, brother David Butler and many whose lives she touched. Remains donated to UT Southwestern. A memorial service will be held 10a.m. Saturday, October 23, 2010 Heritage Chapel, First Baptist Church Dallas. Donations may be made to: Texas Tech Foundation, PO Box 45025, Lubbock, TX, 79409. Please designate for the "Melanie Butler Memorial Scholarship."
Published in Dallas Morning News on August 22, 2010
For those of you who would like to send a note to Melanie's family, her mom's address is as follows:Ginger Butler (or Mrs. L. Dean Butler); 6800 Del Norte Lane, Apt. #148, Dallas, TX 75225

09/07/10 12:43 PM #9    

Celinda (Cindi) Ward (Hanna)


Melanie: I saw the "Graduate" this weekend and can never watch that movie without thinking of you and the trip we took with Jan and your parents to San Antonio to the HemisFair.  Your brother took two friends and I remember stopping in Abilene and we "kids" all went to see that movie. We were so young and innocent and somewhat embarrassed by the movie content!  We had a wonderful and memorable time in San Antonio.

I also remember the time you, Jan and I took your MG Midget to Palo Duro Canyon.  Since there was barely room for 2 in that car we took the top off and left it at Jan's.  We hit a nice little downpour on the way home and were all soaked but laughed all the way home.

I have so many other times spent with you that make me smile.  Thanks for the great times, your friendship and the wonderful memories

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